African Safaris And Hunting Experiences

Zimbabwean born Kevin is a fifth generation African, of British 1820 Settler ancestry. For nearly four decades, he has been involved with the Southern African hunting safari industry.

A product of the original Rhodesian National Parks department – undoubtedly one of the finest dangerous game hunting schools in Africa – Kevin is a fully qualified and licensed PH in South Africa and Zimbabwe. For Kevin, hunting has always been a way of life, and he willingly shares his many years of experience with his clients, ensuring they not only enjoy the   safari of a lifetime, but also go away with quality trophies.

Kevin is also a published author, with his second book Tracking the Memory published recently, this following on the success of his first book Shadows in an African Twilight. As an accomplished outdoor writer too, his articles appear regularly in South Africa’s Magnum magazine and have appeared in other international hunting publications. He enjoys all forms of hunting and inland water fishing. Kevin Thomas Safaris and their qualified, experienced PHs are committed to ensuring excellence of service with their goal being to achieve your goal.

Kevin Thomas Safaris now operate more or less exclusively in Zimbabwe and to in South Africa where we conduct safaris in the Eastern Cape only. In Zimbabwe we hunt on state safari areas in association with Zimbabwe’s leading and long established concession holders.

All of our hunting areas have abundant game populations, a spectacular variety, and excellent trophy quality, important too, for the visiting sport hunter – is the fact that Zimbabwe & South Africa are easy to access and hunter friendly.

Our plains and dangerous game hunt venues are unsurpassed, and offer quality trophy animals throughout. It is without doubt, the ecological diversity and sheer scenic splendour of these areas which helps to compliment their very wide selection of top range trophy animals.

In the Eastern Cape’s dense valley bushveld, we hunt species such as the challenging East Cape kudu, shy but noble  bushbuck, warthog, blue wildebeest, Burchell’s zebra, impala, and diminutive blue duiker. In the remote northern and extreme north western reaches of Zimbabwe, and in the south east, we have unsurpassed dangerous and plains game hunting in true “classical” style safari.

In South Africa, most hunting is done on game ranches, with the hunting areas varying from about 50,000 acres to 150,000 acres. You can expect to see livestock on some of these properties. In contrast, some of the concessions we hunt on in  Zimbabwe are upwards of 1200sq kilometres in extent, and comprise remote big game invested wilderness only.

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